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Lupercal began in Boston in April 2018 as a small group of dedicated Latinists who met monthly to read herstory together.  As chapters have by now spread across the country and even abroad, the Boston meeting remains a strong community with over thirty members.

Boston Leader:
Jacqui Bloomberg
Jacqui Bloomberg.jpeg

Boston Group Leader: Jacqui Bloomberg

Jacqui received a BA in Latin from Tufts University, a B. Mus. in French horn performance from the New England Conservatory of Music, and an MAT from Tufts University. She began her teaching at the Boston Latin School and has been teaching Upper School Latin to girls at Dana Hall School in Wellesley, MA, for thirty years. For fifteen of those years, she also served as chair of the World Languages Department. During her 2016 sabbatical semester, Jacqui visited a number of different Latin teachers throughout the country, primarily looking at active Latin methodologies. From that experience, she created a short film entitled, Modi Docendi: Latin Teaching in the XXI Century. She attended her first Rusticatio in 2009 and has helped and attended multiple Bidua and Rusticationes since then. She also served as repetitrix for a Rusticatio Tironibus. In addition, she leads the Boston chapter of Lupercal, a group of women who meet monthly to read about women in Latin. Jacqui loves to travel, has led eight student groups through Italy, and this past summer walked the length of Hadrian’s Wall.

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