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Leaders: Océane Puche

and  Séverine Clément-Tarantino

Lupercal in Lille started in September 2020. We welcome Latinists from French speaking areas to our on-line once a month meetings. Feel free to join us!

Lille, France
Océane Puche

Lille Group Leader

Séverine Clément-Tarantino

Lille Group Leader

Séverine Clément-Tarantino

Océane Puche lives in Lille, in the north of France. She is 33 years old and has been a high school teacher for six years. She has an interest in women writing, Latin literature and XVIIth century French literature and presented in December 2020 her PhD thesis in which she studied the first french female translation of Ovid's Heroids, Les Epîtres Héroïques traduites en vers françois de Marie-Jeanne L’Héritier. 


Since March 2020, thanks to her friend Séverine Clément Tarantino, she discovered the Lupercal group and attended to refreshing sessions in which she found what she is fond of: Latin and women writing.  Then she started to change her way to teach Latin and used active methods at school. 

After a few months, she developed with Séverine the project to create a French group of Lupercal in France.

Séverine Clément-Tarantino is Assistant Professor in Latin Language and Literature at the University of Lille. She learned Latin with the traditional method from her 13 years to her 43 and she specialized in Latin literature since her MA. She wrote a PhD thesis about Vergil’s Aeneid (Fama ou la renommée du genre. Recherches sur l’intertextualité dans l’Enéide) and loves studying late antique and early modern commentaries on Virgil. In 2019, curiosity, audacity and Fortuna led her to Florence when GrecoLatinoVivo organized its first « biduum Latinitatis vivae ». Since then, she has been training herself to the so-called active methods of teaching Latin and reconsidering her own pedagogy. She discovered the activities of Lupercal in March 2020 and she thought she could help developing the use of active Latin among French women Latinists. She’s also very enthusiastic about the (huge) work to be done to bring back to light the works of Latin women writers. With her friend Océane she started to translate in French the poems of such scriptrices; they can’t wait to discuss some of them, along with Boccacio’s lives of illustrious women, during the future sessions of the Lille Lupercal group.

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