Structure & Governance

Our Meeting Norms outline our expectations of participants and articulates the spirit of Lupercal, from community-minded practices to our gender policy.

We hope you have positive experiences at Lupercal, but if needed, the Incident Report Form is a space to direct your concerns when/if they arise.

Our By-Laws as a grassroots nonprofit organization are the collaborative product of open By-Laws meetings throughout the summer of 2020, and with input from Lupercal leaders around the world during our annual retreat.  

While all documents are still open to changes as our organization learns and grows, we offer them to the public with the hope that they can help you learn more about our organization and know the supports and structures available to all participants and members.

Who's Who

Roles are either annually agreed-upon or rotated, and all updates will be reflected here.  All roles are unpaid, offered by volunteers dedicated to fostering their own reading groups or amplifying our mission.  Some roles rotate and involve elections.  For more details, see our By-Laws linked above.

Executive Board (August 2020-2022 Term)

Executive Director- Skye Shirley

Director- Lauren Downey

Director of Mission- Michele Becker

Executive Board Members at Large- Emma Vanderpool and Jenn Jarnagin 



Beginner's Spoken Latin Group- Stephanie Buckler

Advanced Spoken Latin Group- Abi Holt 

Lilles, France- Sévérine Clément-Tarantino and Océane Puche

London, England- Skye Shirley

Mexico City, Mexico- Abi López-Ortiz

Atlanta- Arianne Belzer

Baltimore- Catherine Reed

Boston- Jacqueline Bloomberg

Cincinnati- Laura Ann Kroger Brogden

Dallas- Jennifer Jarnagin

D.C.- Alex Cleveland

Hartford- Maureen Gassert Lamb

Philadelphia- Kirsten Crooks