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Upcoming Events


Sundays 2-3pm Eastern: Beginning Latin Conversation Group (Online)


Select Saturdays 2-3 pm Eastern (Online)


Each city has its own schedule for these monthly groups.  

Full information about events can be found on Facebook.

*All programs are free of cost to members.  Virtual meetings take place

via Zoom.  Join our Facebook Group or contact for details.

Looking for classes?  Lupercal doesn't offer classes, but if you heard

that we do, you may be referring to





Our book clubs take place Saturdays (usually the third Saturday of the month) via Zoom.  

The time of our meetings is 2-3pm EST/ 7-8pm GMT/ 8-9pm CET.



Discussions usually take place mostly, but not exclusively, in Latin; we consider this"immersive" not full "immersion."  All levels of Latin are welcome, and participants are even invited to just come and listen, or without having read the book.  

Sensitive Content

There is no minimum age for attending meetings, but please note that some books contain mature content.  Please learn a bit more about the book in advance to scan if it is appropriate or contains content which may be triggering.

Author Visits:

We sometimes are honored by a visit from the author!  

Authors who have attended Lupercal's book club include:

Mary Beard, Nina MacLaughlin, Helen Morales, and Gwen E. Kirby.

How to Attend:

To access our online meetings, please join our Facebook group and

you will find the link in the month's event under "Events":

If you don't have Facebook, you can contact us 

and we can share the link in an email to you.

Review Copies:

If you are an author, agent, editor, or publisher and would like us to consider your book for a future Lupercal read, please contact us.  We welcome works of all genres, especially those written by women and non-binary authors, and which are focused on or inspired by women from mythology and antiquity.

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