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What is Project Nota?

Project Nota draws attention (nota bene!) to the letters and works (nota) of famous women (notarum) by focusing on the digitization of texts, translating these texts into English, and increasing their overall accessibility.

Power comes from reading the wisdom of those who have come before us. Limiting it to only Latin texts written by men, by only certain races, or in certain time periods restricts the wisdom that we inherit. In an increasingly diverse field, these voices, which have been recorded but not heard, deserve to be heard. We should not limit or restrict the voices present in our classrooms.

Nota means three things in Latin, which correspond to our mission statement: 

  1.  “a famous woman”: we are primarily focused on digitizing and increasing accessibility of texts written by women, about women, or for women 

  2.  “mark”, “letter”, or “word”: we are focused on words and language 

  3.  “pay attention!”: we want teachers, students, scholars, and humans to pay attention to texts previously written by marginalized and underrepresented voices

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