"Imagine eight phenomenal Latinists having a blast and chatting in Latin about Ceres's influence on the seasons, and about our own favorite seasons."

             - Baltimore leader Cathy Reed

Catherine Reed

Baltimore Group Leader

Catherine Reed (Catherina) and her students in Baltimore County Public Schools love to speak, read, write, sing, and play in Latin daily.  When she is not in a traditional school setting, Catherine enjoys teaching adults in immersion events like SALVI's Bidua and Rusticationes; she also hosts monthly Lupercal gatherings for women and non-binary Latinists.  Catherine is one of three hosts of the wise-cracking podcast Quomodo Dicitur, and she also creates Latin videos about daily life for the Latin Listening Project.  When she's not teaching, Catherine can be found drinking coffee and reading a good book in one of Baltimore's groovy coffee shops.

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