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Project Nota

By Fengrui He

Traditionally, empowerment comes from reading the wisdom of those who have come before us. Limiting ourselves to only Latin texts written by men, by only certain races, or in certain time periods restricts the wisdom that we inherit. In an increasingly diverse field, these voices, which have been recorded but not heard, deserve to be heard. We should not restrict the voices present in our classrooms. Project Nota plans on expanding the representation of texts in three ways: 1) digitization 2) translation 3) outreach. Interested? APPLY now!

Information on flyer below. Position descriptions here. Apply here.

Fengrui (Sophia) He is a fifteen-year-old rising sophomore from Newton, MA. She enjoys reading works of classic authors, especially those of female Latinists. She loves when she can relate to and learn from them as if there is no barrage of time, space, or language. She is also drawn to the underlying themes of humanity and society in ancient works and likes to view Classics from the perspective of history. She is the founder of Project Nota, a project that amplifies the voices of female Latinists, and she is also the Associate Director for Classical Mentorship of Novae Musae, a student-led organization dedicated to reviving the Classics.

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