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Updated: Jul 16, 2020

It is with great excitement that we announce Lupercal's new blog! We hope this is a space to celebrate the work being done at Lupercal and share our meetings' impacts with the broader community. We hope Lupercal members will consider writing guest posts, and have a google form for pitching ideas! Posts can be very short or quite long, and we encourage a few images or visuals with your submission

Possible posts could be:

An experience you had at Lupercal

A moment when you felt the need for gender equity in our field

A resource you'd recommend for learning about herstory or theirstory

Your experiences attending online meetings at Lupercal during the age of COVID-19

A close friendship you share with another Lupercal member

A Lupercal member who has been a mentor to you

A project you are working on to bridge gender gaps in the field

And more!

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