Lupercal Announces Latin Novella Writing Month

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

By Hannah Perkins and Nisha Vishag

Lupercal is hosting its very first Latin Novella Writing Month (LaNoWriMo). You can write your very own Latin Novella, and have a chance of your work being published! The month will start in July of 2020, so be on the look-out for resources, events, and other opportunities. The first batch of resources should be out on the 29th of June. 

Up until the start date, when guides and activities will be released in more detail, feel free to register for these free resources and workshops where you can talk to experienced writers and get information, tips, tricks, and more as you begin to write your novel. The deadline for signing up is June 22nd. We aim to put easily-accessible resources into your hands so that your writing process can be as seamless and straightforward as possible. You can apply these resources anywhere: in your Google document, Word document, a favorite journal, or even the ‘Notes’ app on your phone. Resources provided during this month can be found on the Lupercal website, but we’d also like to shout out Bene Narras! a YouTube channel sharing tips and tricks that can be really helpful to your writing process.

And once you have these resources, what’s next? Well, all great stories start with a plot. Will you put a modern spin on an age-old fairy tale, but then bring it back with Latin? Will you write a sci-fi piece about female empowerment and the power of friendship? Will you opt for no genre at all? There are so many possibilities! After you have devised a topic and plotline, you can begin to do your research. There will be resources provided to guide you, but, because everybody’s stories are different, most of the research will be done by you. Some possible topics of research include the time period and location of your story, cultures, jobs, name ideas, and symbolic ideas or events. Finally, you will be ready to begin writing your novel.