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Black Lives Matter

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

At Lupercal, we AFFIRM black lives matter and have always, always mattered.

As Latinists, we may focus on the past, but we know history sticks to us in the present. In our community here, we share the national anger, grief, fear, and outrage in the face of violence against black bodies, both reported and unreported, that needs to stop. We utterly condemn police brutality and call for change. All this is on top of a pandemic which has impacted all of us, and especially communities of color. Our work to support and empower each other to lead with kindness, clarity, and learning is more urgent now than ever. Know we are shoulder to shoulder with you as you face these very difficult times.

Please consider donating what you can to Sportula, an organization committed to providing micro-grants to those in our field, currently centering requests on black members:

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