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Jasmine Gokingco - Director

Jasmine Gokingco (she/her) is currently a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas. She spent 6 years in Latin and was President of her Latin Club and President of her school’s National Honor Society chapter. She loves Mythology, Roman Literature, TSJCL, and Certamen. Outside of Latin, she enjoys embroidering, playing guitar, singing and songwriting, and showcasing her awesome Mickey Mouse impression. As Director of Outreach, she works closely with Lupercal founder, Skye Shirley, to spread the word about Project Nota through social media and communicating with other schools.


Kelsie Fralick

Kelsie Fralick.heic

Kelsie Fralick (she/her) is a Classics teacher at Cushing Academy, a co-ed boarding school in central Massachusetts. She has been teaching Latin for six years in boarding schools around the east coast. She completed her undergraduate work at Connecticut College, graduating with a double major in Classical Languages and Anthropology. She then went on to earn a Masters of Science of Education from the University of Pennsylvania. In the background of all of her Classical nerdiness, she was also a professional ice hockey goaltender in the National Women’s Hockey League. Now, in addition to teaching Latin and Ancient Greek, she coaches field hockey and ice hockey. She joined Project Nota because she believes that more non-men need to be involved in Classics and is happy to contribute to that.

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