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"Let others praise ancient times;

I am glad I was born in these."


To reach as many Latinists as possible.  we have two free online platforms:

An online group helps you access Latin and a community of women in your own home, regardless of your mobility, rural location, or family schedule.  This offering runs just like in-person groups, in which each month you'll read a different chapter of On Famous Women.  Meetings take place via Zoom and all are welcome, even members already linked to an in-person group.  Materials are provided, and newcomers are welcome.  Come try it out at our next online meeting!

FlipGrid is a free website we use to upload videos of ourselves speaking Latin in response to a simple monthly prompt.  Users can respond to each other's videos with their own and thus have a rich conversation about our reading.  The benefits of this range from spoken Latin practice to networking.  This has been a key way for us to build a global community between groups, and access Latinists in areas not yet connected via in-person meetings.  Our account is password protected but you can email for access!

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